A downloadable game for Windows

CGX Game Jam


WASD keys - movement 

 Space - Jump 

 Q - Place Tile 

 E - Cycle Through Tile Types 

 R - Remove Highlighted Tile 

 G - Restart Level


3D Enviromental and Shading Artists: Misha SamorodinMohamed BouchenafaYa Xuan 

Level Design: DongHyeong LeeJose Gutierrez

Mechanics/UI/ Programmer: Brandon Gale 

Music: Michael Macapagal 

Project Lead: Richard De La Merced 

Sound Effects:  Mason Victoria

Programs Used Used: Maya,  CC2019 Photoshop,  Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4.24.3,  Visual Studio 2017


Platform Panic.zip 520 MB

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